Orienting Router to right instead of down?

I originally calibrated my Maslow4 following the standard approach and had the power cord (and dust collection port) oriented “down”. However, because of my layout, it would work better for the dust collection to be to the right of the work area. I’d like to recalibrate with the sled rotated 90deg (power cord to the right). But I’m not sure if I should change the YAML file to help the software understand the orientation. I’d ideally like the work pieces to still be oriented “down” so that I’m not cocking my head to look at them. Should I do anything special to handle that configuration?

Is this in the vertical or horizontal orientation? It’s somewhat trickier in vertical orientation because “up” has more meaning.

The Top left, Top right…etc will be defined relative to the power cord so if your frame was 2000x3000 in one orientation you will want to rotate that 90 degrees so it would be 3000x2000.

That should be possible in software, but I would have to add that feature because it doesn’t exist yet.

I’m using a horizontal setup. I could imagine some with a vertical setup would want the dust collector port “up” if their dust system is overhead too.

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Luckily that one is easy because you can install the sled upside down and the machine will never even know :stuck_out_tongue:

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