Original Maslow kit with sled and y axis $275

Due to lack of interest in the whole setup, I’ll sell the sled (no router) with all the original kit components for $275 plus shipping. This will save anyone wanting to get started a significant amount of time and money.

Hey guys, i find that having an airplane that needs overhauling takes all my time and interest. In the 14 months the Maslow has been operational I’ve used it twice. So looking to sell the entire setup. I built a frame with the 12 ft top beam and it has the y axis. I’m about $700 into the whole setup and I’ll sell for $500. Includes original kit, rigid router bought brand new hardly used) and framework. Hopefully someone here in Utah will cart the whole thing off. I might be willing to pull all the hardware off the frame and just send the all the original kit items plus the router and sled if interested for a reduced price. But I would like to see it all gone. I really enjoyed building it learning about it. Watching it cut out the airplane profile was really cool. I just have other interests and figure someone might put it to better use.


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I realized that the sled is one of the more time consuming parts of the whole setup and while mine isn’t the prettiest it fits work well. So I’ll sell the sled with the rest of the kit.

The router and weights will not be included. The router because it’s practically brand new and would add weight to the shipping and the weights because again more shipping cost. Both should be easily aquired if there is a Home depot and Wal Mart nearby.

While you still have it, what weight are the weights you used? I was going to do the same, and not use bricks on mine, but I can’t find any documentation on which is too much, and which isn’t enough. Thanks, and good luck selling it!

looks like 5 pound weights if you zoom in on the photo. total sled should be less then 30 lbs if you are using a 10’ wide top beam with 18" height

Duh, I see it now, thanks! And also, thanks for the info on weight limits as well. I have a shop full of 5lb vinyl weights, works out perfect!

This is actually the final configuration. MetalMaslow is correct 5lbs of weight on each side. Though in this pic there are 2 2.5lb weights on each side. Worked out better for balance.

Still available for sale?

Yes still available