Our frame version


Me and my dad build this frame. We needed a solution for the workbench that was behind it. So we made the frame that it would fold up. The pictures aren’t very clear, (the workshop is kind of a mess), but we attached the frame to the ceiling where it rotates. We also used weights instead of the strings, and we used a pvc tube to guide the weights. The chain also kept slipping so we made a bracket from an angle iron to keep it from slipping. On the top beam we mounted a led strip so the workpiece is nicely lit. I hope you like and maybe can use our ideas.


Looks great. What are you using for weights?

As weights we have just a roll of lead.

Clever, good job guys.

I really like your angle bracket chain keeper and chain rollers. Great use of available materials, and brilliant hack! I think I may do that on my machine too. Way cheaper than a 3d printer to make a chain guard!

Looks like a great setup! But metal chain sliding over metal screw will give avoidable ware and tear.

Sewing machine bobbins available in plastic and aluminium.

Edit: The fastest and cheapest chain-guide you can get on both sides of the chain.
Edit2: Do ask the wife/girlfriend before using and compensate with a great candle light dinner. Credit for this idea goes to Jackie.


We have some kind of plastic tube around the screw, the head of the screw is just to big to see it :slight_smile:

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Now that you said it, i can see it :slight_smile: