My setup upgrades! (frame, spindle)

I used my time over quarantine to design a frame that can be disassembled and stored away if needed while maintaining adjustability. Like many others it’s also used as a lumber storage rack behind the waste board. MUCH MUCH sturdier than the wood frame you can make to get you started with the kit (though that frame WILL let you cut the same day you buy the wood and the results are not terrible)

Top bar is adjustable as well as bottom brackets for tensioning

I also switched from using the router to a 500w spindle with a c beam z axis. So far it’s been amazing and I have only one complaint about the c beam from the supplier I purchased mine from is that it has a ton of left and right play, so I have been designing and plan to replace the internals with stronger materials and get rid of the slop.

Next thing to do is focus on the electrical panel portion of it, I have a few ideas and will update this once I get them rolling! Let me know if you have any questions


Hello love the frame! Do you have any more photos and or blueprints . I have been talking about building something just like this and just wondering if you had any tips of what you would change if you had to do it over agin ?? I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel just comply and past and upgrade as I go… I do like your setup do you mind if I copy it ?

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that’s because the guide wheels are inside and too close together. if you spread them to the outside like this plate it will be much more stable. if your c beam is 40x80mm then this plate should work;

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I will do a write up once I’m home from work today. I’m planning on updating the fusion 360 drawing with frame measurements to what i’ve changed and releasing the file for others to get dimensions if they want to go this route.

I found that out last week and already have one in the garage ready to swap but my mistake was not ordering from a site that includes the rollers and cam bolts.