Panel PC good enough?

I have a nice panel mount touchscreen PC that salvaged and would like to build into my Maslow, but can someone please share their opinion if it will cut it, before I invest into building into the frame. Thanks.

Intel Atom 1.6Ghz single core
2gb ram
Intel GMA 500 video
8GB compact flash
VGA display (640x480)
Windows 7 Embedded

I would guess you will be fine as long as you only do not run apps other than Ground Control while your Maslow is running.

I use an old laptop with a Pentium B940 @ 2GHz with 4GB memory running Windows 7 for my Maslow. Aside from needing a little patience when booting and opening apps, it works well for me.

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Well, looks like it won’t work. The Intel GMA 500 does not support OpenGL 2.0. I have another laptop that will work, but too bad I couldn’t build in this panel mount pc. Will have to find another project for it.