Software Help Please!

Hi all,

I’ve had the Maslow for a few months but I’ve just gotten around to building the frame and setting it up.

I’ve calibrated the Maslow and was planning on cutting the final sled later this week.

I ran into some bad luck after calibration and my laptop bit the dust.

When I buy a new laptop and download the software, will I have to go through the calibration again or is this stored in the Arduino?



If you still can access the harddrive (there are ways), you can copy the groundcontrol.ini from there.
Not all settings are stored in the Arduino.

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Thanks !

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What @Gero said
and welcome.
Good luck

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Let us know if you face issues with getting that file. I don’t know how is works on win$, but know the ways on linunx.

Edit: on a running system you find it here:


If it died because of the harddrive, there would be a chance to boot a linux from usb-drive and get that thing.
How did it die?

I’m actually still in the process of troubleshooting the laptop.

It’s stuck in a failed repair/windows needs to restart loop. I’ve been looking at solutions on YouTube and I think it will be an easy fix, just not sure about saving my data at this point.

I was in the market for a new one so I’m good with the purchase, if this one can be salvaged I may use it as a Maslow/garage only laptop.

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A cheap and worth try is to but a bootable linux on a usd drive and boot from there to get the GC.ini.