What software is needed to use a second computer at the frame?

I want to use a second computer running Window 10 at the frame. What is needed in the way of Maslow software to do so? Do I need to download both Arduno IDE and Ground Control or just Ground Control. This computer will only run the program at the cutting frame.

Thanks in advance.

Since the firmware is updated frequently, you want to have the latest version on the Arduino Mega. Unless you want to constantly unplug and carry the mega around, you also want the Arduino IDE.

Gero, let me clarify your post. I need 3 software downloaded, correct.

  1. Arduino Mega
  2. Arduino IDE
  3. Ground Control

My desktop and portable at the frame will both need to have current updates to be compatible, correct?

2, Arduino IDE to upload the latest Firmware and GroundContorl to run the Maslow.
The Mega is the Arduino board running the firmware.

I don’t get why 2 computers. Do you have an internet connection in the workshop where the Maslow is?

Yes, router is in the garage, just wanted to do brain work in the house and then bring a flash card to the portable computer set up on the frame and get after it.
Do you foresee a problem trying it that way?

That should work just fine.

the intel compute sticks are the smallest computers you can get the atom processor ones for about $100 on ebay, but they don’t have a screen.

Just looked at the stick on YouTube, it will be hard to beat my $89.00 Wal-Mart nextbook with touch screen, battery and ports to connect to. Plus it had Win10 installed. Technology has gotten to far ahead of my gray hair. Will stick to my old dog that doesn’t do new tricks. Thanks.