Partcam/MakerCam not working?

I tried the new Maker and Partcam websites. when I load a file, nothing happens. I have tried this on 2 computers and 3 browsers, and a few different files. I select the file, hit ok. it stays on that screen for a bit then fails, or just goes to the grid and nothing shows.

Anyone else having these issues?

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It took me a couple of tries. I also had it freeze up when I tried to calculate a path. That being said 8 had no idea what I was doing! Ha! I finally did export a code and run it on the Maslow4. But it kept running and running the same path, like there was no stop code? Not sure. I need to watch a tutorial or something… Ha!


There could absolutely still be bugs with them. Do you have a copy of the file that you were trying to upload? I can give it a go

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Yeah, that locked up for me too. It might be that file is too big for MakerCAM to handle (it’s a pretty light weight program).

I was able to open it in Carbide Create, but that’s not free

You might want to check out some of the more powerful options here:

Edit: I tried messing around with converting the file in inkscape and still no luck. There is something in there that MakerCAM is having trouble with

The old Carbide Create V6 is still available for download but hidden. It’s free and outputs in gcode format that can be used without their machine. This is my go-to program. They also have a bunch of videos to learn how to use it. But it’s pretty user friendly.

V7 was changed to output files in a format that can only be used by their machine, although I think there is a paid option to get gcode format capability.

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I didn’t have any luck with the ruffle version of makercam and more complex operations like pockets - once it came time to export the gcode, the program just hangs. So, back to openbuilds cam for simple stuff and fusion 360 for more complex designs.

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I also had issues with that the other day. It seems to handle the basics OK, but hang if there is a big computation :confused: