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Pauzing with an automated spindle start


I finally installed a ssr to automate my spindle control and got it all working. I’ll do a write up in the wiki later.

Now i kinda expected that if you pauze the program, that the spindle would stop too. Is there a reason why it doesn’t do this, or is it just not implemented yet. I can’t see a situation when i would want to pauze the program with the spindle still running.

Aslo related to pauzing, but not to the spindle automation. On a tool change it isn’t possible to move the z-axis (not a new problem, has always been that way). I need to unpauze and repauze and then i can set the z-axis. Is that just me that set some button in the wrong direction, or is this an actual bug? Because that really sounds like someone would have complained about. You need to re-zero the z-axis after a tool change, so you need to move it always.

While i’m in crazy-complaint-rant-mode, the auto z-axis button in the z-axis menu, is that comming now that you have more free time @bar ;-)? I’d like to use my macro’s to start and stop my spindle now :slight_smile: