Pi Day - Raspberry Pi 3B+

New mo-better - Announced new hardware.

The secret sauce that makes this computer so small and powerful is the Broadcom BCM2837, an ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit Quad Core Processor System-on-Chip operating at 1.4GHz. The GPU provides OpenGL ES 2.0, hardware-accelerated OpenVG and 1080p30 H.264 high-profile decode. It is capable of 1Gpixel/s, 1.5Gtexel/s or 24 GFLOPs of general-purpose compute. What does that all mean? It means that if you plug the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ into your HDTV, you could watch Blu-ray quality video, using H.264 at 40MBits/s.

So in theory this will be better for our use under linux - There are slated to arrive 3/21/18 in the US - usually there are months of difficulty in getting the latest Pi Model.

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I am based in Germany, and mine shipped this morning, so hopefully not long for other places now


Kendallville Indiana USA mine is arriving 3/17 per USPS tracking from US pi shop ordered about 5 am local time on 3/14 excited to get to try out the latest model.


Thanks for the heads up. Sparkfun send a e-mail blast that they expect to get them 5/21. I ordered one from US pi shop. It should ship tomorrow but it will take a few days to find me.

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It’s here!


Mine says it should arrive Monday by 6PM.

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Worth noting, they also pushed out a Raspbian update that has some benefits, bug fixes for the original 3b model.

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Mine has arrived and I will do some testing with it tonight.

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First impression - Ughhhh!

Ubuntu Mate won’t boot. The current image is life time to April 2019. Unless someone pulls a rabbit out of there hat KiviPi and Ubuntu will take some time to get fixed to boot on the new hardware. The new Raspbian image is taking over a day to download. I suspect it will be like 4-5 hours. The indicator is all over the place, there is some bandwidth throttling going on. I’ll get back after I get to test the Stretch desktop.

Thank you

So up all night to get to the stretch desktop. Worth it? .2 MHz I didn’t expect it to be snappier but it is. A month from now it will seem like molasses. I need to go back and load all the other fun on top of it to get to GC.


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And we thought that $5K 4.77MHz machines with 360K floppies were blazingly fast not very long ago.

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So far the jury is still out. I know in time it will all get better. It’s new hardware. With the default desktop Kivy 1.10

I can run GroundControl. However no righthand panel.

The new auto screen size making me crazy. I like to run 720p on a 10 inch screen. It is forcing me to 1080p. I set it to be 720p after that it forced 1080p and any attempt to change it locks up everything.

When it is working the menu seems snappy, until it freezes up clicking on something and I click again 3 seconds later it unfreezes and opens 9 windows of what I clicked on. I was once told a companies product was doubling it’s clock speed, gleefully by an employee. My response was, “great it will fail twice as fast!” This reminds me of that.

Vendors are running out of their fist run of the Pi 3B+

More later

Thank you

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I almost gave up on the rpi 3B and had a tinkerboard in a shopping cart. But after much hair pulling, I came up with the following solution; Enable OpenGL driver (full kms) in raspi-config, and install wayland (weston or kwin-wayland) compositor and xwayland in raspbian Stretch.

As a test before enabling the kernel graphics driver install mesa-utils.

sudo apt-get install mesa-utils

Open a terminal on your desktop and run glxgears. You will be lucky to get 30 or 40 frames per second and it flickers and flashes. This is due to the pi defaulting to render in software.

Now, enable the gpu kernel driver, reboot and run glxgears again. You should see a smooth 3D rendering at 60 frames per second.



I totally appreciate the input, if I can find the time I will try it. I’m trying to test - DL Pi Desktop, Kivy, Py Serial, Ground Control.

My frustration is the Pi community. They are reactionary, the documentation on Pi Ubuntu Mate says they expect to take Months to roll an update. They wrote that before this came out, but there is no updated information. There are at least 30 projects out there and they all stumble like they have their pants around their ankles. Yea the Pi Foundation likes to surprise you with new stuff, but we know when they are going to do it.

It shouldn’t take more then 24 hours to recompile for the new hardware. It’s not a new cycle, it’s getting pretty old. So why are these projects not ready?

I’m frustrated I have 1 choice at the moment unless I want to take on compiling my own OS. I just don’t have time to do it.

I’m extraordinarily happy with the Pi 3 and Ubuntu Mate as I have had it running for Months and have no issues.

I’d like to move that to the new hardware. Recommending to people to buy the old version at the same price is a hard pill to swallow.

I appreciate your efforts

Thank you

go to /boot and look at the config.txt file, go in there and you can force the
screen resolution

David Lang

I will check there thank you, however the new AutoResolution seems to be overriding that or it stoped it from being written when I saved the new resolution.

Thank you

the config.txt is setting the resolution at a very low hardware level, so it
should not be overridden by higher level software.

It is currently set to


Still running in 1080p

Thank you

I may just wipe the Image and start over. It might be a problem with the new pixel doubling feature - I turned it on and back off, then this happened. I have another one showing up today i think.


OK I have found the problem - it’s the full MKS GL driver does whatever it wants.

Thank you