Continued Work on Ubuntu Mate Raspberry Pi3

So I’ve made significant progress on my Ubuntu image today. I got the remote server starting automatically at boot up. I setup a desktop icon to run by double clicking, also added a icon in the applications menu. I wrote an update script the makes a backup then downloads the latest Maslow Software and sets it up.

I have the following installed:

Arduino IDE






I’m able to reboot and connect to it on a regular basis. I’m now working on the headless network configuration tool. Once this is complete it is ready to use. I’m also working on trying to enable remote control through your web browser. The work continues.

Thank you


Here’s some Eye Candy

I’m calling it the “2B Pie”

RP3, Mounting case without top, demo - on 7 inch Fire Tablet (Android OS)

Remote from Windows -

Remote from Mac OS X

Remote from Linux (running in 800x600 display)

Remote on Iphone


Remote from Android

It’s progressing well.

Thank you


Wow, impressive work! Thank You!
Kind regards, Gero

I love it, it essentially makes every tablet compatible. I still haven’t decided what i’m gonna use as a controller for the maslow, got 2 raspi’s around, and an old laptop.
I once spent a few weeks building a raspi that automatically downloaded all my series and funtioned as a nas and did some other neat stuff, untill it stopped working for no apparent reason. So i and totally lost the desire to ever configure another raspi :slight_smile: so i think i’ll just try your 2B Pie once my maslow arrives and magically gets assembled.

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