PlyPAD Open Source?


Can’t wait for your next update to see the progress on the PlyPAD project. When I got the time, I will try building one in my own garden.

It seems like a very good project with the best intentions, but I can’t seem to figure out if the project is Open Source? And where is the design files located? Any BOM?

Look at . My quick search didn’t find any mention of open source.

That is a great question. Yes, PlyPAD will be open source, but the files aren’t available to download right now mostly because we don’t have a final set of design files for the whole structure yet.

We’ve done sections, but we’re meeting with SERA later today to hopefully lock down the final shape of the building, then I will take the general CAD model and turn it into a model which we can actually build from (placing tabs and such).

Open source is a new idea in archetecture so we’ll probably want to sit down with the SERA team and figure out what license they want to use for the design.

So the short answer is, yes the plan is to make the PlyPAD open but there’s a lot of different groups involved so it might take some time for us to get everything lined up to publish the files.



nice to know that you still alive :slight_smile: although you still buried in the making of the tiny house. I’m still really excited to see the final outcome and the BOM (I have promised my wife to replicate it and make her a small office in our garden)

Any news on the open source license? Would it be fully open source, so we can modify it?

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I believe it will be fully open :grinning: