Pocketing issue makercam

I am new to the world of CNC but i will try my best to explain but please accept my apologies if i do not use the correct terms.
My issue in MakerCam is this. I am trying to pocket out the number 0 as in 2018 but instead of pocketing out between the inner and outer lines that make up 0 it wants to hollow out a complete circle. When i create the toolpath it highlights the number 0 ok it is only when i go to calculate all does it show the inside if the number to be full off cut lines.
I have tried:
opening in Google Chrome instead of IE
changing fonts and font size
reducing the diameter of the cutter
highlighting the whole of 2018
highlighting only the inner line then the outer line of 0 and vice versa
No matter what i try it wants to carve a hole rather than the number 0! But it is only the number 0 so far as i can tell for example if i do the same operation on the letter D it doesn’t want to hollow out the whole thing it follows the lines perfectly.
As a novice i am at a complete loss and now totally screwed.
Please can anyone advise me as to what i am doing wrong so i can start my project?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

Have you tried highlighting the inner circle to create a pocket operation and then highlighting the outer to create an profile or follow line operation. I have had to play around with it to do some inner pockets. Are you only using makercam or are you using some form of cad program to generate the design?