Positioning the cuts

At what step / in what program do you position your parts on the 4x8 sheet?

I had a mistake in a cut that was in the middle-right side of my 4x8. Since I can’t recut in the same spot I want to reposition it to the middle-left.

I’m using Inkscape, MakerCam and Webcontrol.


Well I just started using it, but I move the sled where I want to define home with my phone, then press the button that looks like save home under the z-axis button. On the laptop, think you can just drag the image around to place, but that function I haven’t been able to get to work on my phone. But the save home button seems more accurate.


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or you can right click on the picture and select “define home”

While you can drag the board around to view it differently, You can’t drag the home position around. It only moves with the home position definition either the way you showed or the button just mentioned.


Thank you both for the screen shots. That’s very helpful!!

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