Using small stock size

I have my set up and calibration complete and I think all is well. I want to do some engraving on stock pieces much smaller that the 48X96 set up. I have attached scrap pieces to my waste board to frame the actual stock piece and support the sled. How do I home my sled to one corner of the stock piece if it is not in the centre of the main waste board? I have tried moving the sled to the corner of the stock piece, then press the save/home button. When I press the home button the sled goes back to the centre of the waste board instead of the corner of the stock piece. The first image shows the buttons I have pressed in attempting to set my stock corner as the home position. The second image shows the Gcode file I have uploaded. I am attempting to set the home position to the bottom right corner of the triangle. Hope this all makes sense.

The #1 will save the current sled position as home. The #2 will move the sled to your last home position. You can also right click in the board area and select set home.

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Thanks Orob. I had that backward. I assumed the button with the file and home images would save the current position as home. So I assume that if I had a frame set up to frame my stock with the bottom left corner at 1 foot from the bottom and 3 feet from the left edge, I could right click in that position and set that as the home position?

You can right click on it to set home. But the save home button saves the position of the sled wherever it is as home.

edit: the right click context menu from the webcontrol work area display shows a “define home” command button to set the home position:

pressing return to center will allow the sled to go back to the original home and then you can press the save home button:

and then the GO HOME button will move the sled back to the center until it is defined again:

Webcontrol tells the controller to save its home position, so you can power cycle once it is set and it will persist.