Possible SVG generator for Maslow CNC

Has any one ever tried the tree generator by Robert Lang?http://www.langorigami.com/article/treemaker
I think that this tool would be good to try and generate more functional things with the Maslow, I have been thinking about a tee ball mitt that was made of cardboard. The mitts are too hard for the kid to close their hand over. My daughter would probably benefit from being able to close her hand around a caught ball better. It is also pretty much a free material, have you ever driven behind a big box store on the morning after delivery? There are boxes large enough to make furniture with and yes Ido have a copy of Nomadic Furniture, I would like to find another Maslow user and write the book again based off of the Maslow set of tools we have available, it also could be a collaborative open source project as well.


Gave Lang’s site a quick look, very interesting. I will check it out in detail inn the future when I have a bit more time.