The Projects category!

You’re building amazing things with Maslow: Show them off here!

This is a place to post your ideas/photos/etc for things you make with Maslow. If you would like to share your designs with the community, head over to the Community Garden.

Below are some helpful links to spur some creativity and stoke your project mojo!

  • has a ton of cool furniture for you to download and cut.
  • Box Maker App for Easel that makes tabbed boxes to your specifications!
  • Are you a budding apiarist? Head over to Open Source Beehives to find designs
  • Akerkits has some open-source furniture as well as some tools to tweak your rig.
  • The Insider is an open-source greenhouse just begging for a Maslow!
  • The Domebook is an everything-you-need reference for designing geodesic dome structures
  • Pedra Terra offers some open-source furniture at his site. Check out the bottom of that page for even more open-source furniture.

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