Problems on calibration

So, I’m not new to my Maslow. I have decided to upgrade to a 12’ top bar and mount on my wall. I had issues before with my old set up, but I ended up getting it working (after about 6 months…). I’m having issue calibrating. I have gotten it all calibrated to the best I can, (I measured to length myself and just skipped it) up to the cuts. When I hit to cut the test cuts, it gives me an error saying it’s not keeping up with expected location. It then tells you to press “stop”. Any ideas?

reduce your max feed rate and/or increase the error value that triggers this

It was a good idea in theory, but in practice it adds no value without
acceleration planning being in place.

I dreamed it up and now thing it needs to be disabled.

David Lang

How do I go about that David?

I imagine it’s in settings, but I can’t locate it.

I found the Max Feedrate in settings. It’s set at 800, but I’m not sure what to set it at.

I moved it down to 6oo but got the same error.

try reducing it to 500. the other value is also in settings somewhere

Ok, I have looked entirely through all of the settings and the only place I see “feedrate” is the “max feedrate” location. I have turned it down to 100 and got the same error.

I have totally noticed that no matter how strictly I follow the directions I seem to run into issues. It’s kinda driving me crazy the fact that they always seem to be new, different issues…


This error means one of two things, either the motor’s aren’t getting enough power to keep up with where they should be, or the kinematics for the measurements are way off so it thinks it can’t keep up.

I would double check the measurements. If everything looks good I would change the threshold for when that error pops up from the default of 2mm to something huge like 500mm, that should make it go away. I believe it’s one of the last settings in the menu.

Thank you for your response bar. I put it to 500 and ran the test. I heard the motors fire up, but I received the same error immediately after.

That tells me one of the measurements is way off. If the machine thinks the dimensions are very very large then the motors would need to spin crazy fast to make the sled move at all. I recommend resetting the settings to the default by clicking Actions -> Advanced -> Reset Settings To Defaults. That if that makes the issue go away we know it was a dimensions thing

It had been on Default so I went ahead and tried turning it off. Still no-go. I’m wondering if upgrading up to the 12’ bar with 15’ chains matters at all.

I had the same error code. In hopes of fixing it I saw your string here. Somewhat randomly I loosened the set screws on the Z-axis shaft coupler. For whatever reason…it works now. I hope this helps.

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That’s a great suggestion @LouLou. I hadn’t even thought that it might be the z-axis not keeping up