Project of the Month / Community Gardener for February 2019

Nominations are open for this month’s Project of the Week (PotW) and Community Gardener (CG) awards. You can nominate simply by replying to this thread. Self-nominations are allowed. I am expecting the flow of projects to be fairly slow this month, and my robotics duties will keep me busy, so this will be another monthly competition.

The selected project will be highlighted in the Maslow newsletter. The user will receive a “Project of the Week” or “Community Gardener” badge, and tungsten carbide goodness from our friends @MakerMadeCNC.

The approximate weekly schedule is: nominations open right after the previous week’s poll posts, nominations close no earlier than Saturday, voting Sunday through Wednesday, polls close automatically on Wednesday. After nominations from the community have been made, I’ll post a poll for the community to pick a winner. If we don’t get enough nominations, I will randomly select projects from previous weeks’ nominations, other sources, and of course the Community Garden website to appear in a poll. Projects that don’t win in a poll can be renominated on subsequent weeks. Any project can only win once, but any person can win multiple times.

What makes a PotW? It can be a project (old or new) made on a Maslow CNC that shows off the Maslow’s capabilities, or demonstrates a new way of using the Maslow, or just plain looks cool.

What makes a Community Gardener? It can be anyone who creates or contributes to a project on the Community Garden website ( By posting to the CG, you make the project available to the community and you create the opportunity for other users to improve on your design. Vote however you like, but I hope to encourage collaborative projects.

Final note: like most things here on the forums, the community is what makes PotW/CG successful. Suggestions for improving the PotW/CG and volunteers to help run the thread are always welcome.

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I’m not sure how the nominations here work, but I just created a thread of my projects. Can I nominate myself through that?
Jdeboer’s Projects


All right, folks, after a long absence–I didn’t even log in to the forums for over a month!–I’m back. Robotics season was long and hard, but worth it for what the students gained. Now it’s time to restart the PotW.

We have a self-nomination from @Jdeboer1999. Anyone care to nominate anything else to give them a little competition? :slight_smile:


Welcome back! I was worried :sweat_smile:

Would you accept a ‘space-ship’ sled from another universe as a nomination?

Cant find the post, but the artist is @Mike_Thomas


I’ve seen a couple cool pictures on instagram recently that haven’t made it into the forums so Ill throw in these:




Well, I’m almost back. Trying to catch up on all my activities, I let this nomination thread go on far too long. I haven’t yet scanned the community garden for new projects, but rather than delay any longer, I’m going to get the poll started. Lots of great choices, so this poll you get three votes.

Project of the Week

  • Jdeboer1999’s Various Projects
  • Mike_Thomas’s Spaceship Maslow Sled
  • Espartaco Degano’s Curvy Floor Lamp
  • Deyabu Design’s Einstein Engraving
  • Adam Nisenholz’s Geometric Tabletop
  • Dexter’s Standing Whiteboard
  • Adam Nisenholz’s Cherry/Epoxy End Table
  • Adam Nisenholz’s Star Wars Bar Stools
  • Jetstar’s Ludo Board Game

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Jetstar’s Ludo Board Game

Adam Nisenholz’s Star Wars Bar Stools

Adam Nisenholz’s Cherry/Epoxy End Table

Dexter’s Standing Whiteboard

Adam Nisenholz’s Geometric Tabletop

Deyabu Design’s Einstein Engraving

Espartaco Degano’s Curvy Floor Lamp

Mike_Thomas’s Spaceship Maslow Sled

Jdeboer1999’s Various Projects

Wow some great projects here. Good work everyone!

Its inspiring stuff.


Congrats @theHipNerd! That table is awesome.

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Thank you!