Inspiring Lamp Upgrade

We have this old lamp with shelves that would be more at home in a dorm room.

I’d like to replace it with something inspiring like the below lamp but also incorporate shelves. I have the image in my mind but I’m not sure which platform would be best to design in. I only have 2D ACAD (autodesk) experience and am just now getting started with Fusion 360. Thoughts on which software to use to design something like this?

btw - is Espartaco Degano a user on the forums? I thought I saw a user name awhile back but can’t find it now.

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I’ve been wondering how to make something similar to this too. I think it looks great. Similar to a design for a coffee table I saw on this site somewhere?

Personally I use Inventor, but any 3D CAD program would work. I hear Fusion is good, been meaning to play around with it actually. As a beginner drawing the components wouldn’t be too hard. just assembling them together correctly might be tricky.

Thinking about it, it wouldn’t be necessary to fully model this is 3d first. Assuming you want to use the same curve, you could cut a load of overlong identical pieces (drawn in 2D) and then trim them down. looks like in this piece, as they go “around the clock” they go up 50mm offset then down again? something like that?

The curvy bits could fit around any space defined by a couple of rings or set of shelves or whatever? Instead of a ring it might be stronger to use a multi sided polygon? a dodecagon maybe? wouldnt look as organic that way tho.

To get it looking just right I would probably cut a couple of angled wedges to use as spacers. this would help ensure each piece was fixed in the right spot.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery…


Thank you very much! All excellent advice. I especially like this:

very simple!

I’ll be sure to let y’all know when I get something put together :wink:

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No worries mate.

Thinking about how to make things is almost as much fun as making them!

I was wondering if you could nest them all together on the sheet so that cutting out the bottom of one curve would cut out the top of the next? ie space them out one bit diameter apart?

not sure how well this would work on the maslow?

be interesting to see what you come up with


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I’ve been trying to figure out how to cut out a puzzle map of the states by nesting so each state boarder is one cut to make sure they fit together properly. I was trying to make it in Inkscape but I gave up. I’ll try it in fusion.

In a curved single cut the outer cut radius will by bit-diameter larger then the radius of the inner cut.
With a very thin bit it might work without noticing, other option is to place them like tiles with grouting as the border.

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Ah yes. Thanks, Gero.

If you got $6… You can also buy Digital design from this link

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I’ve been looking at those today and getting lots of good ideas. Designing and making my own will be part of the fun journey.