PRONEST 2015 Cutting

Good day!
Who has already used this program? PRONEST 2015

to optimize the details on the sheet

Would you recommend her?

I installed it, but a lot of difficulties for me, as for a beginner


While this is interesting, I think that this is of much more use to those using faster, production-scale systems… any project big enough to be assisted by this seems like it would be impractical on a Maslow running at 45inches/minute.

Also, I assume that it is like Circuit Board Auto-routers that layout circuit traces for you - it is just an initial step to de-tangle the traces, then a human does a much better job optimizing from there. For Maslow-scale jobs, I don’t imagine software doing better than a human - but it would be wonderful to find out that I’m wrong!

If it could statistically forecast how stock is used across all jobs, maybe it could help you decide what shape to leave uncut for your as-yet-unknown future jobs - that would be helpful!

as ManOfScience says it’s the wrong software for Maslow. pieces in the corner not might be in tolerance and if you need to mass product stuff and save $1 on plywood then the bigger more expensive machines are going to save you money.

Pronest would probably work, but, the machines it is normally used on are used to using G41/G42 which do not work under GRBL.