Python IDE or not

When it comes to programming I’m pretty green. I love it but it was never my full time job. I got back into it a few years ago when I was trying to design a piece of test equipment for Fiber optics transmitters and receivers. I needed a microcontroller when I stumbled upon Arduino. one of the greatest learning platforms for C/C++, I just they were around when I was younger. I became familiar with C# when I wrote some control software for a high voltage well cleaning device. Now I have a reason to learn Python…Maslow.

I have both Linux and Windows machine running Python. I was looking for a good IDE that would run on both platforms. I’m currently using Visual Code on both machines and it seems to work very well. I was just wondering what others are using?


Hi there. A have similar background further back. I am trying Atom that seems to combine Git, Firmware upload to the Arduino and programming. Free and open source but it looks as if it is ‘calling home’ heavily. Check it out.

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It’s not an IDE but I use NotePad++ to edit code and run python from the command line. I use GitHub Desktop for version control

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I’ve used atom and github desktop for ground control work. Works really well in my opinion.

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+1 for Atom and GitHub Desktop!

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I could be wrong but it looks like Notepad++ hasn’t been ported to Linux unless you run it under Wine.

I’m playing Atom now to see how it compares to Visual Code.

Thanks for the recommendations.

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For Git on Linux I use GitKraken (Windows, Mac and Linux)

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There’s always vi(m) and for the hardcore, EMACS

Notepad++ - I 2nd it.

Thank you