Are there any accomplished Python programmers here?

Besides Bar, are any of you accomplished Python programmers? I’m sure there are but I’m asking. I have dinked around on the Raspberry Pi to rewrite support for hardware add ons, but I’m a hack at best. I have a few questions and would like to talk with someone knowledgeable. I’m also looking for anyone with experience with py2exe from

Thank you

python, yes. py2exe, not really.

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Wait, in all our community, I’m the only one with python experience? C’mon, people. Python is fun!



I was looking into the possibility of possibly compiling the source into and executable. I was told to look at something called Pyinstaller by a friend. He said py2exe was a dead end.

I just found this -

Would this work with GC?

Thank you

Everybody’s entitled to their opinion, but py2exe looks like it’s still under active development.

Speaking from around 40 years of the programming language of the week, they’re just tools. Use what you know, run what you brung…

Maybe I’ll (ducks) port GC to Cobol just for fun

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Grace Hooper is one of my heroes! So you go ahead and rock that Cobal :slight_smile:

I’m interested in trying to get to 3 things -

A) Windows executable GC


C) Android

B is Unix

C is Linux

so it should be do able. Not my wheel house though - Sigh

Thank you

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Kinda sorta somewhat, but I don’t think you can run regular *nix executables without rooting your device

And that brings it back to Kivy :slight_smile:


I was for a short time following Linux on Android. But it looks like most of those projects died out and spawned new ones. If we can get ubuntu running on Android it’s ez from there.

Thank you

Am I understanding that getting Ground Control on Android is being looked into heavily and a possibility in the near future? Just curious so I know which direction I should go for the Maslow computer. If it doesn’t look promising I’ll forget it and move to a PC.

Kivy has a packager called ‘buildozer’ that will put together applications for Android, OSX or IOS. Bar did the OSX setup, and found a way to package for Windows as well. I haven’t heard of any Android progress in a long while. Any Android devs out there?


These are side goals I have for Ground Control. There is currently no direct path for this development so for now I’d get a PC with Windows 10 for this. I am working on a remote solution where an android tablet can be used to control GC on a Pi. Natively running GC on Android is a bit of a moving target as Android it’s self is a moving target. There were several attempts to make Linux easy to run on top of Android but those projects seem to have hit a dead-end . I’m still looking for answers. This area is an effort to find people that want to take up this development.

Thank you

Ok, thanks. Just curious if it was in the near future. I’ll get a PC.

You’re on you’re own for that one, friend, but if you ever want to port it to Fortran, I’m in!


Way back whenever I started with Fortran, and have probably written more of it than anything other than assembler. My summer job between sophomore and junior years was writing a translator between a non-procedural report language and cobol, a large Fortran program that cranked out multi-thousand line piles of cobol that converted 24 hour report runs to an hour or less. This was on a Univac 1108, which used a room full of tape drives, and drums made of machined iron sewer pipe.

It’s probably take a month of work to remember enough Fortran or Cobol to get back to doing that level of work again, rather spend it in the shop these days. Carpenter dropped by today to double check a few measurements and discuss floor materials before ordering them. -10F so we also tracked down the propane salamander…


For me it was writing Fortran interfaces to a Gould FD5000 image processor and a tape drive to process laser speckle velocimetry holograms my senior year. It sounds fancy, but the code was actually pretty simple stuff.

My last big Fortran 95/2003 project was just a couple of years ago, but I realized I was spending too much time writing routines to do things for which there are libraries in Python, so I am going that way from now on.