Question About Calibration step

I’m not at home right now to check, but I think I may have done something wrong in the calibration.

My X and Z axis are spot on, within a mill or so i believe, but my Y axis is off around 5-10%. (100mm square is 100.x by I think on the calibration step where you measure the distance from the top of the work piece to the middle of the motor shaft I got confused as it said height.

Could someone please let me know if i measure this like 1 or 2 in the below pic? Thanks in advance!

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Measurement #1 is the one you want.
Nice top beam!


Ok, thanks for that! :slight_smile:


that measurement should not matter much, the calibration step calculates it

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Oh? in that case any idea which step i should concentrate on for the Y axis being off? The X is spot on, but the Y is a good 5-10% off, i.e. parts cut horizontal and vertical the same size are a good inch off over a foot or so. I know i really need to go through the whole calibration again but if there a bit primarily for the Y that would be good to know. Especially with my larger then normal frame.

My hypothesis is that the distance between motors affects the vertical accuracy. Have you compared a tape measure reading to what GC measures it at?

I have and plan too, soon as i can get someone to hold the other end… with my top beam its like ~8-9 foot off the floor and 12 foot across! lol

Actually i was redoing the calibration aid that someone did for the sprocket to include a slot for a tape measure. Guess ill do that today and print one!