I cant seem to calibrate it properly

I am having a problem with my machine; it stretches every design I put into it vertically. Additionally, when I try to calibrate it, it doesn’t seem to calibrate properly(or I’m not doing it correctly). I’m not even sure if it’s a calibration problem. Everything that anyone has told me to do either doesn’t work or is stuff I don’t understand, probably mostly the latter.

which calibration type are you trying to use? How far off are your cuts?

one possible cause for this is if your measurement of the motor spacing is bad.
It doesn’t need to be far off, so possibly you could have a poor quality tape
measure measuring the distance.

David Lang

Im just going through the calibration steps on makerverse, i followed the guide by 2 tankards. When i cut a circle that was meant to be 20’’ in diameter it turned out 21 1/2’’ in one direction and 19 7/16’’ in the other. I used a stanley fatmax 16’ tape.

Maybe you fixed this but I also struggled to calibrate my makermade M2.

Today I got within 3mm over 8’ by doing the following:

*measuring all frame dimensions super carefully to 1/16" precision
*using a laser level to ensure spoil board and motors were perfectly level and parallel
*using the spirit level trick to ensure top sprockets were perfectly 12 o’clock before calibrating chains
*not entering any x offset found when centering the chains during the “center chains” calibration step (I logged x offset down for later)
*skipping the edge calibration and going directly to the precise / holey calibration, where i accounted for the x offset i found when doing the earlier chain centering step. i either added or subtracted the x offset as needed before entering in my corner x positions.

Note; I did not experience improvements in accuracy after performing the precise calibration more than once, or by doing edge followed by precise calibration which seems not normal. I found it beter to roll back to the initial settings after setting up the chains and trying again from there, or things just got worse, before becoming fixed at some bad accuracy worse than 20mm

I expect I had a very tough time because my spoilboard size was non-standard and larger than 8’ 4’ (by only 4" though), and because my motors were a little lower than recommended (again by 3" or so only).

Good luck! it took me 2 years of messing around every now and then to get accuracy acceptable for my application. Im not sure if it is the specific setup of makermade software or my own non-standard work area or whatever…

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When I ran makerverse, I had to realign the beam and make sure the frame was nearly perfect to get it to work and the precision calibration was key, but I also chalk lined the outer edge of the workpiece square so my measurements were accurate. When running the holey calibration on webcontrol, repeated calibrations actually help.

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