Question about macros

I had my macro 1 setup to turn on the router and macro 2 setup to turn off the router. I just recently added the auto zero z axis and put the gcode for it on macro 2 so I lost the ability to turn the router off. The question is there any way to put the on and off functions on the same macro? Or is there any way to add a third macro?

I hope this makes sense.

Unfortunately the way the macros are very limited, so you can’t do this. Isn’t there a button to do the auto z axis on the z-axis panel?

there is a feature enhancement request in place to add more macros.


After looking there is a button on the z-axis screen that says touch zero but it is grayed out. How do I enable it?

I don’t know if this has been enabled yet. I look forward to someone in the know answering your question. It would certainly be a useful built in macro.

Has this been enabled allready?

It is not, assigning one of the macros or putting the steps into a short gcode file are the way to zero the z axis at this time.