How do I zero the router?

I feel like an idiot, but… I can move the router with the arrows to where I want to start according to teh g code, but I cant zero it so it stays there!
arrg. What am I missing?

  1. click on the zaxis button on the right:
  2. click on the zero button in the dialog that pops up:

thanks. I was talking about zeroing the sled to a different place on the board. like you would when cutting somthing out of a corner of the board where you have available wood on a previous cut peice… but I finally figured it out, its that disk and home icon under the zaxis button.
what does “disk-house” supposed to stand for anyway?

“Save Home” the disk was an old school icon for save.


the disk is a save icon… “save-home”

or you can right click on the work area anywhere and use the pop-up menu to save home or move to that spot.

sorry I misunderstood the question… I thought you were meaning the height of the router. Glad you figured it out.


THank you Orob.
just figuring it out. Coming from Plasma CNC… seems to be more options there with things like scaling, speed change, and rotating in the control software.

THat said… so far, this machine is much more stable than my plasma CNC! if I have to stop and start again, its way better at remembering where it is at. impressed so far! its a tad slow, but I think I programmed it on easel to be slower than it needed to be.

All is well so far. happy with it!