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Rasbpi w WEBCONTROL testing Z working - Z movment buttons dropping X&Y

When I from ‘action’ test motorcontrol all axes respond.
But when I try the Z -axis button and try any movment - it drops the sled down (X&Y),

Any hint on what I have done wrong in setup.


the left and right motors plug into the end connections and the z plugs into the middle. are they connected properly?

Yes they are. and working when using ‘test motors’ from the ‘action’ menue.

FYI : I’m using the RPI img install V 0.9333

Hmmm. Solved.

After I reinstalled the PI with the image from things came together.
It still shows same V 0.9333 …

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This sounds like something was off with the calibration before, glad to hear you got it solved :+1: :+1: