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Re-engaging with Maslow, Returned to Web Control and Holey Calibration. What the heck?!


Thanks for the inputs. Its all starting to make sense now. I’m feeling much better about the direction I need to head in. Seeing how I am starting essentialy from scratch, I am going to give WC with Holey a go first.

Thanks again for all the help.


there are a number of patches that have been made to the stock firmware and GC
code, but they cannot get to users unless there is a release.

We went a good while with releases every two weeks, and the announcment was to
move releases to a longer timeframe as there were fewer changes, but they just
stopped instead.

David Lang

Sooooo… not to go off on a tangent but I have to ask, who’s in charge of incorporating GC patches and releasing?

Looking at the Releases page here (, looks like it’s @bar.

Would the firmware options in WC contain those patches?

Never mind, David answered this in his post above.

I have to check to see where in time the stock firmware is based upon (my build system checks out a particular sha) but I haven’t changed it for a while, so it’s old. There might be some “recent” changes in the stock firmware master branch that have not been incorporated into the holey branch of my firmware fork.

I’ve been playing with the Linux version of WC today. So far so good, I’m going to proceed with it. I really like the layout, it’s pretty intuitive. Also, there’s activity around it’s upkeep so that’s a bit reassuring.


I advise to use Groundcontrol for basic setup until you have at least the chains calibrated. After this transfer your groundcontrol.ini to webcontrol.

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I initially thought the same thing, but it is actually easier to start with webcontrol. if you use groundcontrol to calibrate your chains then you have to do the chain stretch… you can skip that with webcontrol.

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How does one calibrate the chains in WebControl?

EDIT - Found it:

webcontrol menu -> Actions
then quick configure

Follow instructions to input details from your system.

It’s also found in the Help → Getting Started section of WebControl itself. :wink:

I had the problem that my alloy top bar wasnt strong enough for the chain-length clibration. One motor got pulled out of position. I now want to replace it with an steel/iron top bar. My top bar is about 67cm / 26.5 inch over the working area. Is this enough to replace the 12" top bar with a 14" top bar?!

play around with the spreadsheet at

what you are looking for is the minimum and maximum tensions compared to stock

you want as high a minimum tension, and as low a maximum tension as you have
space for

as you go with a wider beam, you increse the minimum and maximum tension

as you move the top beam higher, you decrease the minimum and maximum tension

but it’s not a linear thing, so you can increase the minimum tension and
decrease the maximum tension as you tinker with the parameters.

David Lang

where is the link for this video?