Ridgid R2200 Handle Removal

I am building the Sled and am having a difficult time removing the Ridgid R2200 Router Handles. According to the instructions you are supposed to remove the plastic Handle Plug to expose the bolt that holds the handle to the main body of the Router. I looked at the assembly drawing of the Router and it is not clear on how to remove the plastic Handle Plug. I am avoiding forcing it, any process that others have found that works?

They really aren’t very easy to remove :frowning_face:

I have removed some non-destructively by slipping a screwdriver into the crack and popping them out, but I also had to drill one out once that was really glued in there. The good news is that if you want to put the handles back on the router doesn’t look much worse with or without those plugs.

Thanks so much. I was doing the same with a screw driver but was afraid I would damage something. I am always worried about the Warranty in case there is something wrong with the router and need to return it. If it is all beat up removing these plugs the manufacturer might not take it back for a replacement.

I had to resort to drilling out the plugs to get to the screw head. I have no idea why they would glue these in!

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My feelings exactly :grin:

Mine werent glued in, but were pretty hard to get out. It was a super tight friction fit.