Ridgid 2200 Z-Axis improvement

I just setup my Maslow with a Ridgid 2200 Router. I installed the Z- Axis kit and immediately stripped the threads from Adjustable Housing Button in the Depth Interlock Lever. I have ordered several replacements, but they are currently back ordered.

I decided to see what I could do in the interim. My solution was to model the button in FreeCAD and make a replacement. My 3d printer is very basic and only prints wit PLA so making a strong part was not possible.

Three attempts and I came up with this for a solution. The Button frame is made from PLA. The frame has a helical shape to match the pitch of the Ridgid adjustment screw. Nothing holds the back of the insert, but it is held in place by the shape of the Depth Interlock Lever design. You should notice that there is a slot for the leading edge toward the front of the button.Button

I then made a metal insert out of a stainless Wall plate that was 0.88 mm thick, this easily fits the groves in the Height Adjustment Screw. Thread this piece on the Screw and bent the angle to fit and turn slowly until it works smoothly.
On a drill press I used a 7/16 drill for the center hole and cut the 19 mm square by hand and filed the edges until it fit. The center hole is slightly forward in the square. When the Insert is placed on the Button the leading-edge fits in the slot and the angles are supported by the plastic.

**This replacement part has the drawback that you can no longer manually adjust the depth, and of course you need to avoid driving it against the stops.

3 Ridgid Adjustment bottom.gcode (484.0 KB)

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great problem solving. This is such a common issue maybe the kit should have some spares included?

The kit doesn’t include the router. I understand that thingiverse has this part
modeled (and you can order it from people there)

David Lang