Router Bit Suggestions

Good Afternoon,

My team has been working on getting everything up and running. So far so good. We have run into another little problem though which keeps setting us back.

We are trying to cut some composite dibond. (Plastic sandwiched between thin aluminum sheets.)

We are not getting smooth clean cuts though, does anyone have any suggestions on router bits or speed settings.

Needs to be at most 1/8" Bit

1/8" upcut bit should work for that material. What kind of bit are you using currently?


Thanks MakerMade. The cut in the photo was made using a 1/8" straight shank bit (2 opposing flutes), its all the local hardware store had at the time. We are currently running a 1/8" up spiral bit and its creating a much cleaner cut. Our settings are 23,000 rpm, 200 mm/min cut speed, and 200 mm/min plunge speed.

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