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Router Recommendation (Australia)


To be honest I think the Bosch that I linked above is a better option. Removing the knob on the Triton ones looks iffy at best. Will need to eyeball one to see how it’s fixed on. My gut says the Bosch is a better option. A little more pricey.


Yes I would be highly dubious that a battery model would be adequate if
you plan on cutting any sizeable item.

I wonder if they publish any runtime stats.

Also is variable speed options any help. I would have guessed that that
the software can’t control the speed of the router and the variable
speed ryobi I have has a trigger switch that controls speed based on how
far you depress it.

I’m using it in a router table at the moment and its not practicle to
select a particular speed. ( I use a piece of sand paper and a cable tie
to hold the switch hard down).


The parts blowup for the Triton TRA001 seems to show the adjustment assembly as removable, though not just a simple shaft…

Oops! That may be the wrong model, sorry :neutral_face:
Here’s a tear-down showing a re-build of the micro-adjust mechanism to replace a plastic gear with a metal one.


I have just looked at a number of videos and the Bosch unit meets the following criterial when compared to the Ridig unit

  1. The power rating is 1600Watt or 2.145Hp (good)

  2. The GMF version comes in a fixed base and the GOF version comes in a plunge base (excellent) and the router is interchangeable with both.

  3. Has dust extraction (good)

  4. Fin adjustment is vertically aligned so coupling looks good on both the plunge and fixed base models although the height on the Z motor may cause stability issues on the plunge base version so I am inclined to go for the GMF fixed base version.

  5. Given the fixed base GMF version is also designed for connection to a router table that means it will be easily secured to the Sled

  6. On the fixed base unit there is adjustment from underneath. The video seemed to show that even if the fine adjust knob cannot be screwed off a new thread could be put in.

I think you have found an excellent candidate. A little pricy so will have to breath deep if I get it lol

I will try and see where it can be purchase from. I have a friend that works for Bosch so will ask if he can assist.



Can you post a store link to the GMF version of the Bosch if you can find one online?


Will do Benji. Again excellent find.



Yeah that looks great from the screenshot above. Thanks Stu, looking forward to what you find out.


IIRC the Bosh router only as about 1" of adjustment from the screw, then you have to move the router to another notch. This is a significant drawback


You did all the hard work I am just a dog looking for a bone lol. Really need a compatible router as intend on installing the Z-Axis Kit.

Called Blackwoods Express and they only stock the GOF version. They have referred me to the Parent company blackwoods and they are going to see if the can do what they call special order.

What I really want is the Router Module and the Fixed base only. Blackwoods noted that the GMF kit contains both the plunge base and fixed base so they are going to try and see if we can source the router itself and the fixed base only to keep cost down.

I will keep you posted when they get back to me.


Hey @dlang @stuartri, yeah that could be a significant issue. Will keep my eye out when I have more time.


@benji, first have a close look to the range of the micro adjust.
some routers only have a fine range of about 1cm
i hope this one is different, as it looks like a good candidate (even though it is a bit pricey)


As @dlang noted above looks like it’s only got 1 inch of adjustment which isn’t a lot. It’s better than 1cm but I presume we want a bigger range than 1inch ideally.


I’ve seen the Hitachi and that one has a more combined coarse and fine on the same rod. Its hard to tell from marketing pictures…We should ask the Youtube gear reviewers to get some screws loose and show us the dirty details.

we could form a Maslow gang and start asking around on various tube channels. I’m sure they don’t mind extra ad viewing customers to monetise on…


Not sure which version is being referred to. The micro Adjustment on the plunge base has the following specification.

Plunge Base

  1. Maximum Plunge Depth 76mm (Can use the plunge lock to set desired high). Then fine adjust can be used as required

  2. Supports fine depth control (after lock adjustment)
    One full turn of the Micro Depth adjustment is 1.5mm, graduations are 0.1mm. Total depth adjustment using the find depth adjustment is 16mm (1.6cm)

The fixed base version has the same adjustment tolerance and also provides notches to raise the motor in the base. Each notch represents 12mm so potentially you can raise the router 36mm in addition.

What is the specification of the Rigid Unit?



this can be different on all types of routers, thats why we need to get more data. Some look usable from crappy marketing pictures but once you have them in your hands then you see whats really possible

other routers you may think are not usable when seeing a picture, but once you have them in hand you may discover just that little feature that you need.


I am trying to get my hands on one from my Friend at Bosch.

I guess the real issue at present for people in AUSTRALIA is that the Ridgid model is not available so we have nothing to go off. At some stage someone is going to have to take the plunge and get a router but would be nice to de-risk the purchase.

My friend is trying to source one for me to test so that at least we will be able to review its capabilities.

Does anyone else have a better alternative then the Bosch unit that is suitable for Australia?

It would be good to find out how many users there are in each locality that way local issues can be solved quicker.

PS downloaded the Ridgid Manual and it seems to refer to 2 inches of adjustment (not clear if this is all via the fine adjust but Bar should be able to confirm this)



The rigid 22002 does have about 2 inches of fine adjustment.


Thanks for that Blurfl just downloaded the Ridgid manual. This is more than the Bosch Unit but if we are cutting 1/4 inch Ply would this really be an issue?

May have to do some more searching.

Are you aware of any Australian users that currently have Maslow CNC units with functioning Z-Axis motors?

PS - Are you based in Aus



I’m Melbourne based… Maslow on shelf still in box :disappointed::disappointed:


You’ll need at least 1/4” of travel above the surface of the material, as some of the movements like ‘Return to Center’ want to raise the bit that much before traversing. It’s good to be able to plunge a little bit more than the thickness of the material as well. You should easily be good for 1/4”. :+1:
Not based in Aus, Seattle area of US.