Router Recommendation (Australia)

Does anyone have experience/recommendations for a suitable router that can be sourced in Australia.


You could have a look if Ridgid or AEG routers are available in your area.

If not then it seems to be a plus if the router is in a similar type of mount as the Ridgid. As it allows to change router bits more easy. Keep in mind, I don’t have a Maslow yet, so i could be wrong.

I hear good things about Chinese spindles, but that would take some extra work to get the z-axis sorted

I’ve not heard of the ‘ridgid’ brand in australia, but I may have seen AEG.

I will have a look and update this forum.

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Maybe we could make AU EU and US router topics or sections here on the forum?

I’m still looking myself here in the EU, and I probably will go for a 500W Maktek/Makita trimmer to get started.
I still have some time to make up my mind so i may change my mind a few times before the final day.

There is a wiki page but it is a bit neglected:

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I would be interested to see how you got on in this area. I am expecting my Maslow in a couple of days and asked the same question as to suitable routers in Australia as I will need to purchase one. I reside in Brisbane.

Not knowing an answer meant I could not commit to purchasing the Z-Axis kit due to the coupling and now they are sold out so will have to wait for the next batch.

I think it would be great to compile a list of suitable Routers in different regions to help other Maslow users given that there are quite a number of units in shipping now to all parts of the world

AEG is definitely a brand in Aus but I have never heard of Ridgid in Australia.

Based in Melbourne here
I just got my Maslow kit yesterday in the post. I have a couple routers/trimmers that I was going to try and use. But currently have my work cut out for me for the next month or so before ill be able to get round to opening my Maslow. That said my uncle is keen to get it up and running so who knows.
When i looked a while ago you can get some rigid products here in aus but it is a speciality brand and very pricey.

I’ve not got any further as yet but will post back as I learn things.

Maybe drop them an email and ask where they are hiding. :slight_smile:

The URL suggests that they have a dAUwn under office

Unfortunately it seems that Rigid don’t sell routers in Australia (mainly pipe cutting and wire cutting tools) and AEG only seem to distribute one model at the moment in Australia which is an 18V battery based one that’s far from ideal.

I’ve only just pre-ordered my kit, so I’m planning on doing some reconnaissance to local hardware and tool suppliers so I’ll post what I find out here to share with everyone. There’s bound to be an ideal router around that’s not a super expensive Festool beast.

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I am in the same boat at the moment trying to source a suitable router in Aus that will allow a Z-Axis to be suitably coupled.

I checked all the bunnings range of routers on Saturday and none were suitable. Either too low a wattage, plunge routers with no fine depth adjust.

They have very limited fixed base routers and again too low a wattage and the Micro depth adjust was flimsy and you would have to try and side mount a Z axis motor.

I will keep trying as well and if I have any success post back but at present it is not looking promising.

Does anyone know the A/C rating of the Ridig to see if it will accomodate Aus voltage and frequency ranges?

Kind Regards Stuart

What coupling did you order in the meantime?

I ordered a 10mm, but I kind of figured that it’ll probably be between that and the next size up. So am prepared to source another coupler later if needs be. At least then I have a reference point to start with.

Agreed Stuart, did a cursory look at Bunnings too. Nothing there or at Total Tools. Am going to get in touch with the guys at Timbecon tomorrow when I have time and see if they know of anything.

interesting! do you know a model number on that one?? I would like to see this puppy ang googe is not helping…

found it


that does actually look nice but the z-axis could indeed be a bit difficult

Hey have taken a look at the Triton routers online. They all have fine adjustment through the full range of their plunge, but the question will be if the knob is removable. Definitely doesn’t look as straightforward as the Rigid one.

OK, I’ve found the first candidate. It’s very similar to one that was shown in the maslow router video, not the ideal one, but close and it’s adjustable.

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Vertex the AEG is part of the Bunnings range so you should be able to find the model. I checked this out and for memory it is rated at 700Watt. Given the Rigid is rated at 2Hp (1.491kW) I did not think it was adequate and also if the battery runs down while in a cut this would be a real pain.


so which knob needs to be removed?

List of triton dealers

I might be able to get out to one this week end and have a look.

The question is, exactly what should I be looking for?