Could the Rigid router be the best option for Australia?

I’ve just received my Maslow kit from East Bay Source and from my initial research I was planning to use the Bosch POF 1200 but I’ve just been reading the instructions on the conversion which look quite complicated and the conversion kits don’t appear to be available anymore so I’d have to source that as well (really should have read that in advance).
I can buy the Rigid 22002 on eBay for ~$250 and a 2000W step-down transformer for ~$90 on Amazon which brings me to $350 for something I’m confident will work vs $150 for the Bosch, trying to source the parts required and keeping my fingers crossed that I can get it to work. As I’m a complete newb I’m seriously considering the Rigid. I’m already anticipating some challenges with assembly and calibration so removing the variable of a hacked router as another potential source of problems feels like it might be worth it. Or should I not be too scared by the conversion? Any suggestions on buying the conversion parts if I go down that path?

Any advice at all in fact? :fearful:

I would skip that style of router all together. The upgraded form of the z axis is the meticulous z axis or c-beam. Go with a trim router like the Bosch Colt, Makita 701 or off brands. Not sure what you have available in Australia.


Where in Oz are you?

I use the Bosch POF 1200, converting it without issue.
I can 3D print you the piece if that’s the biggest hurdle.

If you want to go for maximum variability, go for an air-cooled spindle and control box.

Peter (in Melbourne)

Thanks for the advice Tim. I’ve asked a question about the C-beam approach in another thread. Cost and risk of failure are the major concerns to start with so I’ll need to try and way up both approaches.

Thanks for the offer @Peter_Tipping. I’m in Sydney. If I go down that road I might take you up on it but it looks like there would be some other parts to track down first. But really appreciate the offer.

Hi Peter
Do you have any video how did you made Bosch 1200AE work? Am guessing it plunger router with Handles on both sides.
How much would you charge if i purchase that mod and send it New Zealand please?
Or file that i can get printed in Nz somewhere.
Thnx in advance


These are the instructions I used to do my conversion way back when:
There is a link to the STL on Thingiverse.

And here is the sled design I created:

As to a video, I didn’t record building it, since I was following a well-written guide already myself.
If you can’t find anyone in NZ to print it for you, give me a shout, I’ll see how much the postage will cost.


I’m in southern Sydney, have successfully adapted the Bosch 1600CE and had it working flawlessly for over 12 months. Conversion from the twin handle holder is straightforward, and I have the couple of 3D printed parts I designed if you’d like them.
You will need to mod the ‘standard’ 91mm aluminium mount of the M2 (I filed mine).
If it suits, happy to get together to show you a 1:1 scale model, and walk you through the process.

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I use a Makita plunge router. Good for surface milling with a 2kw motor

Which Makita router did you use Jed, and was there any tricks to get it working?

You can see the details for it in this post.

I tried using the plunge system the router came with but it would often bind up.

Thanks for responding Jed, sadly, that link doesn’t work for me - “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”