I need a non-US routers list, please!

Hi everyone! Apologies if this list exists somewhere else in the forums or elsewhere. As I’m sure you regulars know, the forums is Bar’s domain, while I mainly manage emails, and I’m afraid I just don’t have the gusto to dig through months of forum posts!

I regularly (ie at least once daily) receive an email asking about best routers to use outside of the US, especially since the demise of the AEG. I always refer these people to our YouTube video covering necessary specs, but I don’t really consider this an adequate response.

I would love SO MUCH if those of you outside of the US would post the router you are using with Maslow, which country you’re in, and pros&cons of that router when it comes to use with Maslow. I plan to use this information to update our FAQ page so I can finally give our international friends some better answers when it comes to a router.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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(Bahrain:) The Bosch GOF 2000 CE Professional should not be on the list. To bulky, to heavy and with triangular the tool change is a nightmare. No other routers tested.

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This is a long thread on non us routers -

I will try to compile a list on the fly - however I’m in the US and have no experience with these.

Thank you

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The Bosch POF 1200

I’m from Belgium, and it is readily available in every home depot equivalent here. As well as tons of sources online

Cons :
Big and heavy
If you make the z-axis mods, your waranty is probably void.

really good z-axis possibility
cheap (around €100 in belgium)
It’s just beautifull and professional looking, no angle brackets bolted on to hold the motor in place. :smiley:

I don’t have my Maslow yet, but it looks promising


So far the Bosch 1200 is looking like a great candidate. https://forums.maslowcnc.com/t/bosch-pof-1200-ae-height-adjust-modifications/

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The Mastercraft Maximum is what i’m going to try first.

Variable speed, soft start, adaptable z-axis (5/16" coupler)

Wait for a sale though, they’re often (several times a year) listed at 50% off.

Canada only, but I wouldn’t doubt it’s a clone of something.



Bosch GOF 1600 CE in combination with MRF01 Fixed Base Router.

Bosch POF 1200 AE

bosch POF 1400 ACE?

Triton MOF001

Hitachi M12V

Makita RT0700CX2


this is all I found in this thread -

Thank you

that’s just a more expensive version of the 1200 where you have to strip most if the parts that make it more expensive :slight_smile:

This one i have, and there is no way to mount a z-axis on the parts you get, so you have to make a z-axis from scratch and then every palm router fits into it.


There have been mixed results for this combination and it is expensive. The Bosch POF 1200 AE (with @Ned’s 3D printed part set up, etc.) is the most elegant solution.


I appreciate everyones input.

Hanna -

Bosch POF 1200 AE (with @Ned’s 3D printed part set up, etc.) is the most elegant solution.

Still because this is a list for everywhere but the US it may not be available everywhere.

Thank you

i sent Bosch an email asking where they sell it, now let’s hope for an awnser :slight_smile:


Maybe you should get a pink logo to set you apart :stuck_out_tongue:

The Bosch i use (POF 1200 AE) is $149 NZ (109 USD) and is available at the local hardware store (Mitre10), and can be ordered online nationwide here in New Zealand. http://bit.ly/2CDsGWI

Just want to add, that i havent been home for a single weekend yet this year to actually test the Z axis setup on a real maslow, and while it works ok on the bench, it hasnt been confirmed to work yet! though it does have the right bits on board to get 16mm of adjustment using the ‘standard’ method of z adjust, so not a bad option either way… and cheap!


Hi @hannah,

I know that the github wiki has a specific page on this, but given how often it comes up in the forums, maybe it isn’t really doing what we need it to, so I wondered if a table format might be easier than scanning all the posts. Even if we can keep them all in one thread for a while, over time it will break down again, and not everyone likes forums - some people want the official Maslow recommendation. I also found it hard to compare directly between different routers on the github page.

I set one up here which you could share with people who email, and which anyone with the link can edit - let me know if it is useful, or if it would be with modifications etc, and I will try to keep it updated.


PS - the AEG is still quite possible to find in Europe (just not so cheap) e.g. see here.

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I think part of it is that Github is not very newb friendly to edit. I’m not suggesting a new, non Github place for any of what is there. But, we should consider having a curator (or curators) to add information for people who find Github a puzzle.


Hi @akamcfly I really agree with this - there is so much good knowledge on the forums, but very little of it is on the main site or the github. Judging by the sound of @hannah’s inbox, there is a big need to cross that gap. Lots of forums use pinned posts for key info for newcommers, but I think given that the site/github is already setup as a manual of sorts, that is the better option. Perhaps we could make a topic where we all listed our ‘edit of the day’ on github, and also the gaping holes. I know that if I spent just 10% of the time I spend reading the forums updating the wiki instead, it would be much better.


This is why Wiki post need a forum post pointing to them. This allows searching here to point to results there.

Thank you

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Hi everyone,

Thank you SO much for all the feedback! @Bee @Dag83 @akamcfly @walter @Ned @matmaxgeds

I completely agree that there is a large gap between the wealth of knowledge on the forums and how available that knowledge actually is to the average person. It’s true that many people have no interest in reading through forums for hours (and clearly many who do! :slight_smile: ) For those who don’t want to dig through, I want to make that knowledge more available, not only in the Wikis, but on our actual website. It’s a never ending job, but I really appreciate everyone’s help. That spreadsheet is amazing!


I got a reply form Bosch Belgium. They don’t have a list of that kind of stuff, but looking at the spare part lists, they expect that it is sold in Europe, England, Australia and China.