Ryobi router reservations

i was trying to choose a router. looking at the ryobi zrr153gk. anyone have any advice or experience with it. its like a full hundo le$$. lower horse power…will it function the same as the preferred rigid

I can’t find that model number. How many HP or watt does it have? Does it have a fine adjustment knob to mount the z-axis?

@unknown is it this one? https://www.ryobitools.com/products/details/1-1-2-peak-hp-fixed-base-router

My big concern would be the lack of a speed control. I believe those run at a constant 23,000 rpm which is really high…but you may be able to add an external speed controller for only a few dollars

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I have been using this Ryobi router on my machine. In summary, it does work, but I’m not sure if I would recommend it.

Longer story:
-First of all for the Z-axis, you will have to mess with it quite a bit to get it to work. I had to take a dremel to the coupler to get the adjustment rod end on the router to fit. And I have had to re-do it a couple times as it eventually gets loose.
-You also need to change the settings in ground control to a different value as the Ryobi router does not have the same threading on the adjustment rod as the Ridgid. I have been using 2.85 and it seems to be close enough to get the job done.
-There is no speed adjustment. This thing runs full blast all the time which can be tough on router bits and on the wood. I have accepted it as-is and not messed with a speed controller. Seems to work well enough for my purposes so far.
-For me the biggest drawback is that there is no vacuum attachment, so you will end up getting sawdust everywhere! I eventually jerry-rigged one on there with bungee cords that works OK, but at best it’s still only an 80% effective solution.

If I had a chance to go back knowing what I know now, I would probably spring for the Ridgid router. But if you’re willing to tackle these challenges you can save a bit of money by going with the Ryobi and it’s OK. I’ll see if I can get some pics of it later.


if you go with the Ryobi, you might be able to use the 3d printed vacuum attachment mentioned here

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yes it has a fine adjustment knob. 1.5 hp.


it looks like one where i saw them reviewing maslow on a woodworking site. the dimensions look the same as the recommended rigid. lower hp. r1631k. i went by numbers seen on a site that someone mentioned for reconditioned tools on the maslow hardware forums

thanks for getting back to me by the way. i guess that nudges me towards the rigid. i guess i’m pretty anxious to start making things with it and want to eliminate as many complications as possible. i kinda wish id ordered the linkages right now too. i was thinking that they looked makable but the ones offered when you order your maslow, look very nice. my maslow just came yesterday…

thanks bar. it seems that the way to go is the rigid. it sounds like there are some challenges with the threading on the fine adjustment knob of the ryobi. also in order to keep it simple i like the idea of having an on board speed control. also the dust collection port is another apparent advantage. i like rigid tools any how. another question is i was wondering if i saw someone on the forums who had implemented a drag knife in place of the router. like to cut sign vinyl or coroplast. ive seen them on you tube on conventional cnc machines…spindle deactivated.

i appreciate your feedback. that makes my decision easier.

thanks. i think im going with the rigid after all simply to avoid as many setbacks or complications as possible.

Awesome link to that 3d printed vacuum attach. Now to find someone who has a 3d printer I could use… lol

So i picked up this bad boy at harbor freight last night. Wow I wish I had done it months earlier! Seems like it’s making a big difference in the amount of heat generated on the router bit and the clean-ness of the cut. Definitely worth it.


With which router are you using that speed control?

The Ryobi one. https://www.ryobitools.com/products/details/1-1-2-peak-hp-fixed-base-router

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Thanks. I was curious if you were adding onto the Ridgid speed control. Glad it is working for you :slight_smile:

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