Sanding set-ups

What have people created to use as sanding set-ups after they have cut their master pieces with their Maslow?

  1. Straight edges… I’m thinking a belt sander clamped down with a straight bar before and after to ensure that straight cuts stay straight and that my sanding stays at 90 degrees

  2. little curves… I’m thinking an attachment for a pillar drill, but I wonder how the pillar drill will like the sideways force being applied as I push the wood against the sanding part?

I would love to hear / see what everyone else has creatively fabricated

I typically use a sanding block. For small corners I use a piece of 1/4” x 3/4” scrap that is rounded on one side and wrap some adhesive backed sandpaper onto it. Works great.
Either I don’t need a power tool because there isnt much sanding needed or the shape and size of the piece doesnt lend to working well with a sander. Unless I use crap plywood like this weekend. The. I use the before mentioned hand sanding tools and go at it.

We are using an oscillating spindle sander … works like a charm

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Perfect thank you. @buhlig what do you do for straight edges? I’m worried that using such a sander I could potentially wreck a beautiful long straight edge with too much sanding in one spot…