Saving a few bucks at Home Depot

Here’s a tip to save a bit of money on the router and build materials:

There are a lot of coupons for Home Depot, Lowe’s… on eBay “$20 off a $200 purchase” and some a flat percentage off. The router, a 1/4 carbide bit and the wood puts you way over $200. A few bucks on eBay and a few minuets later and you wind up saving at least $17.

Not a massive savings but for those on a budget every penny counts.



Or check, etc, and save the couple bucks

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Military & veterans get 10% off at both Lowe’s & Home Depot, and you can usually stack with other discounts. Even if they don’t let you stack the discount at the register, you can go to customer service a day later and ask for the 10% back.

They don’t usually check, but at least one of the two companies is supposed to check that the veterans are either retired or ‘service connected’ on their VA IDs. Most of the time any VA ID card or any military ID will work.

Good luck :slight_smile:

No need for any of that, just call up home depot and ask for a 10% discount when you place the order. I’ve placed at least 6 orders and never been refused yet.

The military/veteran discount can be used on top of other discounts, further discounting the purchase. (though you may have to go to customer service the next day with your receipt if the checker isn’t able/willing to stack the discounts)