Makermade router vs. Dewalt, etc

I’m about to pull the trigger on and M2 setup and trying to figure out which router to buy. Logically it makes sense to get the one made by Makermade, and have everything by the same brand and presumably recommended by the manufacturer.

However: the Makermade router is more pricey. I can get the Dewalt DWP611 for $123 on Amazon with free shipping. The Makermade is $133, plus I need to buy a $29 clamp (I’m assuming the Dewalt doesn’t need a clamp), plus pay $28 shipping! That’s $67 more - is it really worth it? And I save even more if I bought the Bosch PR20EVS, which is on sale for $89.

Is there any reason to pay $67-$100 more for the Makermade router?

I’d get the bosch as long as it has speed control and the red dial at the top appears to be rpm control. Double check on the clamp: you may need to buy one regardless of which router you choose. I think I paid $79 for my Bauer, which is the same body size as the makita, which I also have. I have one set up with a 1/4" mill and one with 1/8" mill and swap them regularly rather than change the cutter.

You also might want to consider a spindle. Greater control over rpms.

Thanks but what’s a spindle and where does one get it?

When starting a project, do you typically set the speed before starting and leave it there?

Thanks for the info Tim - I think I’ll stick with an off the shelf router to keep things simpler, but perhaps avoid a soft start model so I can add on a variable speed dial for more control.

I’m a little surprised a Makermade admin hasn’t chimed in here. Surely they have an opinion on if their router is superior to the competition. Also surprised that the router they made needs a clamp and doesn’t fit the M2 natively. :man_shrugging:

Makermade just added the router you see on the site. It takes a 65mm clamp.

The M2 (which came out before the Makermade router was offered) comes with a 71mm clamp. That clamp size was probably the most popular when the M2 was developed.

If you want to buy their router or a different one that needs a 65mm clamp, I suggest you reach out to them to see if they would be willing to swap clamps when you purchase the M2 system. I bet they would.

Makermade rarely comments on the forum in the last 2 plus years. Tech support is usually direct email and they have some active users on their Facebook page that may be of help to you as well. This forum is not a makermade site. It is the Maslow users forum. Makermade is one of three Maslow kit suppliers.

my only thought about using an external speed controller is how the routers internal speed controller would work with an external controller.

I am not familiar with which external controller you are looking at. Nor am I an electronics wiz but Id look into wether or not this would give you the performance you desire. Its one thing to lower the spindle speed but another for the router to maintain that speed under a load.

Not trying to shoot down your idea but I think this sort of arrangement has been tried before. not sure what the results were though.

external speed controllers can only cut the average voltage to the router.
Internal speed controllers can see the speed that the router is turning and
apply more power if needed to maintain that speed.

spindle controllers also are in the smarter category (especially for brushless

running an external speed controller on a router with an internal electronic
speed controller will at best, do nothing, at worst could damage one or the
other (the internal speed controller expects a sine wave input, not the sawtooth
that the external speed controller creates)

David Lang

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I haven’t heard a compelling reason to go with the Makermade router, so I think I’ll go with a cheaper Dewalt or Bosch to start.

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