Scrap wood frame for slabs

Ok so my Maslow will be coming mid August and I couldn’t wait, so I built this frame that I plan to use to cut into slabs of redwood and pine. The slabs will be at Max 34 inchs wide, and can be up to 4 inches thick. I have it set up for 3 inches right now there is no limit on how long as I can just slid the slab to the left or the right. Please let me know what you think.

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How deep are you planning on cutting? Trying to cut through a 4" slab could be tricky.

I don’t plan on cutting through a 4 inch slab the slabs I just plan to cut pictures into them.


Really looks strong! Where are you getting those slabs?

Look forward to seeing one of your finished pieces.

I cut them myself. The first picture is pine the second is redwood

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You must live in or near some nice forests. Have you got a system in place for flattening those beauties? The Maslow sled works best on smooth and flat surfaces.

I plan to sand them down Abit before I put them in the maslow.