A little ambitious but need your help

I have this huge slab of redwood that I wand to cut in half and turn into a bench.

I’d like to ad my family name on the center but wasnt sure if its possible as the slab is 20 in at width, 50in length and 4inch thick.
Is this possible? I’m new to the game so looking for advice. Thanks in advance

that size is rather easy to the maslow to handle. the only issue is the
thickness (and the angle the chains would be at), so you would want to move the
top beam forward so that the chains can be parallel, or have a way to set your
workpiece back a bit compared to normal (have it flush with the back of the legs
instead of starting from the front of the legs possibly)

David Lang



You might find it easier to use the maslow to create a template and then use a hand router with an edge follower bit to transfer it to the bench.

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