Searching for a THC for a plasma cutter

Hi guys.
I am a newbie in CNC machines and with a couple of pals we decided to build our own workshop. We almost assembled our first CNC machine for metal cutting with a plasma source (Thermal Dynamics) but we can’t decide on a THC. Can you guys kindly suggest anything. We want to be done assembling it by this month.:eyeglasses::hammer_and_wrench::gear::nut_and_bolt::link:

So unfortunately, you probably have the wrong forums for a THC to my knowledge no one here uses one and I don’t think anyone is using a plasma cutter on their Maslow. Potentially someone who does other machining elsewhere for work might know better. Hope you find what you need!

Try the forum at for more info on a plasma torch height control.

While we’ve had a little discussion about connecting a plasma torch to a Maslow I haven’t heard of anyone actually trying it. Generally fire and wood frames and spoilboards have a very short lifetime and frequently result in visits from the big red (our department’s is yellow, go figure) firetruck. These are rewarding for the first responders but not so much for a homeowner…


Have a look here

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Yes, it’s me we migrate G+ into discourse and many other Maker’s communities join

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