Seeking New Maslow w/Z axis for Purchase

I’m a noob here and tried PM’ing other member who have posted theirs for sale, or my timing is bad and others have already sold theirs :confused:

looking to purchase New Maslow w/ Z axis PM me if possible, Thanks!


Welcome to the Group! To add yourself to the wait list is $1 US. I’d go ahead and add to the list while trying to get one in the swap meet area. If new ones become available first - Win!

My observation is there is usually there is a taker with in less than a day and often less then an hour.

Just my 2 Cents.

Thank you

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I did earlier this week, but thank you for reaching out with advice Bee!

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Are you still looking for a kit? I have a kit, z-axis and a Rigid router that I will not be using.

how much would you like for it?

$550 includes shipping to US address

Still available? If so I’m definitely interested!