Brand new Maslow with Z axis - (sold?)

Shortly after ordering my Maslow, I realized it was too big of a project for me to tackle. So, now that I’ve got it, I’d like to sell it. It has the optional Z axis. $435 + shipping.

I also have a factory refurbished router perfect for Maslow. It is a Rigid 22002 router. This is one of the routers ‘recommended’ and tested with a Maslow CNC. Still in the box it came in. I paid $199.99, but, will sell for $160 + shipping.

USA only

Payment from confirmed PayPal accounts only.

Hey fly-fast, I’m keen. Will PM you… When I figure out how to do that ;)…

I’m interested as well. If benb doesn’t buy it, I will! Confirmed paypal account ready to go - shipping to 83704.

Hey Ben, noticed you’re in Boise. Me and other friend are too and getting ready to start a build after the new year. Holler if you want to ever trade ideas or troubleshoot things.

Rigid 22002 currently retails at $159.00 new.

Small world! I’m in Boise as well.

Hi y’all, has this item been sold? if not can you PM me to arrange a transaction?

Is this unit still available?

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Welcome @richardhertz!
I’ve abused my admin rights to find out that the poster was seen last 4 months ago. Hope I did not breach any privacy rules by answering :pray:


not abusing, its extra service! And its appreciated. Thanks.

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No abuse, it’s part of the user profile. I can tell you were seen “just now” and last posted 10 hours ago so I suspect that’s available to most or all registered users.

It’s a common thing for most of the forum software I use, even where I’ve avoided mod or admin status