Self made sleed ring with bigger diameter

Hi everybody.

I bought router CMT7E (same as Triton TRA001)
Original Maslow Ring System Sled was for this router too small. I made bigger ring with diameter 37cm.

My question is if I will be able make correct calibration with that. Could actuall firmware work together with such a ring ?

Thank you in advance for your answers…


Nice ring. The settings are there to adjust for bigger rings.

The calibration might come up with a wrong number, but you can override by entering your measurement.

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Thank you a lot for flash answer…
That’s perfect…


Calibration currently “determines” the rotational radius (radius from center of router but to the middle of the first link of the chain). You just need to put in an appropriate estimate during the calibration process. For the existing ring, it’s ~140 mm. The value you enter will be higher. You can take a look in the forum’s wiki category for a post that explains how rotational radius is measured. Use that as a guide to arrive at your estimate (I’m using my phone to reply otherwise I would have included the link to the thread)

@ibm78 Welcome to the group. Have you considered making rings for the community? Currently Rings are not available.

Just a thought

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How big is that router if you remove the handles?

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You can’t remove handles (button in the middle of one is for disabling aretation and is possible to turn it to lever router up and down)…
Diameter of router base is 18cm

Hi Bee.
Your idea is interesting, but unfortunatelly I don’t have enough time and sources for such a activity…