'New user tutorial'

Can anyone direct me to the ‘New user tutorial’.?

Plus I am looking for the dimensions of the Ring, so that I can check that my intended router will fit inside it.
I need to know the size of the pulleys as well to allow for travel.


Hello Owen,

We are trying to put together a total walkthrough guide. It’s still a work in progress, but you find the minimum necessary steps.

About the ring: if I’m not mistaken the inner size of the ring is 18cm. However you need 3 cm at each side for the carriages. I’m going to measure tomorrow to be sure.

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Thanks, RavenWall. I only found out about the “New user Tutorial”, from the badge that you get once you’ve completed it.

If you could let me know how big the ring is I’d be very grateful. 18cm minus the 3cm that you thought might be the case is probably going to rule out my main router candidate, which also needs some other tweaks.

I think the New User Tutorial referred to is the tutorial for how to use the forums. Nevertheless, there is the walkthrough guide that @RavenWall mentioned, as well as the more complete wiki that you can follow.


Is there a New User tutorial for installing the software on the computer that will be used for the Mallow?

To run the Maslow, you will need to install

  1. Arduino software for uploading the firmware to the Arduino that is part of the kit. Instructions are here.
  2. Ground Control to calibrate and operate the Maslow. Instructions are here.

To create your own designs, you will need drawing or CAD/CAM software, which is a much longer topic.

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I didn’t knew that wiki yet. I’ll integrate it in the walkthrough too.

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Nice one RavenWall.

Did you get chance to measure the inner diameter of your ring. (Ooooooer missus) :smirk:

I hoped to finalize my final sled by now. At that time, I could gave some exact measurements.
now it is more of an estimate… I think the inner width is 21 cm and you have a slider on each side of about 3 cm. So 21 - ( 2 x 3 ) = 15 cm.
Normally, tomorrow I’ve finalized the ring, if I find a correct router bit in the shop :slight_smile:

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Thanks again RavenWall. Sadly, my router is a bit portly for the standard ring, so I may have to fashion a bigger one.

Best of luck with the router bit hunting. I find the best policy is to look in the last place first, because that’s where it’s bound to be.