Use a larger ring required settings

In South Africa they dio not have the Rigid Router or its equivalent. My router did not fitt inside the orginel ring so I had one made at 300 mm ID 330 OD and mounted as per pic
Mounted Z axsis no issues there simply changed value in the seetings too -1.975
did all the setups and changed the setting table to the following

I was able to move the x-y axis in Ground Control
Got to the set-up “test shape” 5 cuts and ran it
It moved to the left but not the correct position did a cut
Moved lower to the left did a cut
Moved lower to the left did a cut
these are the approx measurements
Cut 1 from top edge of board 525 and 505 mm from the left edge of the board
Cut 2 from to edge of board 685 and 275 mm from the left edge of the board
It then traveled up and towards the center. It traveled past the top edge of the board – so I hit stop
I then decided to redo the entire setup again and noticed that the left-hand motor had wrapped up the chain. I released both chains and did a top dead center for RHS motor tried the left and it would not run

On inspection of the board, I found that the main chip had totally blown for the LHS motor

A new shield is on route to me; thanks Hannah

Clearly, I am not understanding the setting when deploying a larger ring

If there is anyone who could assist me in understanding the settings/measurements needed when using a 300 mm ring. I have used approximately 34,75 mm as the distance from the roll edge of the ring to where the chain attaches

Looking forward to working with you all


Hi there.
Are you looking for the Rotation Radius setting?
It’s the measurement from the center of the bit to the chain attachment. Calibration should calculate that number but’s currently not doing a good job on the math. I think you need to deduct that ~ half chain link used to mount the chain.

To reach the setting click on --> Maslow Stettings --> Advanced Stettings

It would be interesting to see what you measure and what number the calibration comes up with.

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Hi Neil,
Also based in SA, just receievd my kit and going to start assembly.
Going to have a new ring cut from the DXF files on the market garden - 350mm, using the bosch 1200 router
Excuse my ignorance, can i ask the reason for changing the Z-axis value?


On the triton the z-axis is reversed hence the minus and the value is the distance traveled by 1 rpm

of the motor

Look at this thread in the forum wiki:

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Hi did you get your larger ring finally sorted. Ive finally got the spare driver board and heat sink 1 year later . So I going to restart the project. Any expreiance you had addapting a larger ring would be welcome , Give me a call 071 5090107