Set up Carbide Create 6 for Maslow

Hi all,
I tried out Carbide Create 6 and was able to make a project and create .nc files but I’m not sure I set it up correctly. I set center in the middle of the project, units are in inches. When I loaded it in GroundControl (yes, haven’t updated to WebControl yet) the project shows WAY to the left of
1 Ravioli Board Initial Square Indent eighth in end (18.3 KB)
my work area. Any suggestions? Attached is the first piece of the project.

In carbide create did you set up your work center as 96" long and 48" high? Set your home as center and designed it on center? If designed off center or work space dimensions are off then it will not appear centered on home in gndcontrol/webcontrol. Was home identified as where you wanted to cut?

I had several problems to start. Home was not in the center, which I fixed and that centered the project inside the work center. Next, I think I need to redefine my measurements in metric instead of inches because it appears that all the measurements in ground control are measured in mm. Thoughts?

There is a setting to change from mm to inch in gc.

I design stuff in carbide create in inches and have webcontrol in mm when I cut. Why, because I’m weird. But the mismatch doesn’t matter.

At this point I think I’m off to the races. I went in and changed the units from inches to metric in carbide create and made another .nc file. cuts look great in gc. But I am curious about where to change from mm to inch in gc, because I didn’t see where to do that. Thanks everyone for your help!

Also, I’m curious as to whether I should anger the Maslow gods and use WebControl at some point. Everything seems to be working great so I’m hesitant to make the change; what are the advantages? Are there limitations? The little laptop I’m using right now isn’t the best and bandwidth may also be an issue since I’m using WiFi from the garage.

The groundcontrol settings are not intuitive until they are… you click into settings and then at the top of the screen below the menu, those labels are actually flyout buttons and the settings are in there. Once I found it I wondered why I didn’t see it before.

Webcontrol is nice if you don’t want to have a laptop tied to the machine. You can have a single board computer such as a raspberry pi run the system as a server and you can browse the machine control from your phone or a laptop or whatever. I work on the design inside the house, upload the gcode file over the network and place home where i want it on the board. When I go out to the garage, I plug in the motor board (controller is on when the server is on) and on my smart phone control the sled to go to home position and then start the cut. It works very well, but I would prefer my phone stay on the entire time while cutting. It is a clean setup once configured correctly.