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Define Home is not staying centered in ground control 0,0

Hi, We’ve been having trouble with our CNC machine. We’ve recently had to adjust and center the sled and put those centered measurements into ground control yet its not syncing up. We pressed the ‘Define Home’ button several times. Closing the app and opening it again, it would match up but after a few seconds, the red dot would move lower and more to the left of the 0,0 axis. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Can you tell us more about what this means? There shouldn’t be a step in the calibration process where you center the sled and then enter some information into Ground Control, I feel like that could be an issue.

The center on the board does not match up the center on the computer program. I’m trying to figure out a way to center it without taking it apart and recalibrating it.

If you machine reports it’s position as 0,0 but the sled is actually to left or right of center, then, either, the center is not directly centered between the two motors, or, the chains aren’t precisely the same length. If the latter, resetting the chain lengths would fix it, but you may need to recalibrate it if it was calibrated with the chain lengths wrong. How far from center is the sled?

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Its actually the opposite. It’s centered on the board but on the program it is way off of the center

Well, it’s just two ways to look at the same thing. How far off from center is the sled?

The sled is centered
The ‘sled’ on the computer program is not. It goes about a foot and half off the center

However, when you press the go home button the sled moves deep into one of the corners and that’s what they consider it home.

If it’s a foot and a half off, then I think your chains aren’t correct. I recommend resetting them and probably recalibrate.

Done that

Do you think you could give us a photo of the machine and the screen of the computer? We might be able to spot something helpful

When you follow the procedure to reset the chains, the motors spool out exactly the same amount of chain. The amount spooled out equals the value in Settings->Advanced Settings->Extend Chain Distance. Since the exact same amount is spooled out, once the sled is attached to the chains then the sled will be really, really close to exactly in the middle between the motors. There have been numerous issues in the past with people getting confused by the instructions during calibration resulting in chains not extending correctly. If you go to Actions->Set Chain Lengths Automatic and follow the procedure and don’t end up with exactly the same chain lengths, then you may have a hardware issue.

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